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I sang an acoustic version of this song to a good friend last night and I suppose the song was just sticky enough to stay in my head until this morning. The Morning Melody┬áthis fine day is “Say Your Prayers” by The Wedding. I quite enjoy this song, and have been listening to this album, Polarity, consistently since it came out in 2007. The music is a great mix for any road-trip and the in-your-face attitude of the message of this song is carried throughout the rest of the album. We even had someone sing “Revelation” at our wedding.

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I have really wanted to write music lately, and while I still haven’t sat down much to actually do so, I started to take notice of those bands who really put me in the mood to write. So, for the sake of those interested, here is a list of bands (in no particular order) who really inspire me to play and write music.

The Dear Hunter-Although I didn’t really follow the story much until recently, The Dear Hunter does a fascinating job of telling a (quite) extended story. Their style of music is also captivating to me. So while some of the details of the story are slightly morally disturbing (the main character’s mother was a prostitute at a church-by-day/whorehouse-by-night), I think the storytelling and tune-writing is pretty top-notch.

The Chariot-They probably sound like a lot of noise to the majority of people and I’ll admit that The Chariot are an acquired taste. After a few listens to any of their albums, you may begin to understand some of the words better and the songs will start to make more and more sense. The postmodern in me loves how free they are to play whatever they feel like. I am supremely impressed by the style of the drummer in this band who never seems to use a double-kick pedal which is typically a staple of heavy/metal music. They make heavy and chaotic compatible with musical and structured and I’m not even sure they know it.

For Today-These guys do a lot of really neat things musically, but what is most inspiring to me is their message. I think there are few bands (Contemporary Christian or not) who are more passionate about the Gospel than For Today. These guys love Jesus and they want you to too. I only hope than any music I write is as Christ-centered and unashamed as these guys’.

The Wedding-For catchy, hardcore-inspired, pop-rock music with some insightful wisdom, pick up The Wedding. Their debut album was a favorite of mine all throughout high-school. Polarity is still on a pretty consistent play rotation in my music library. I stopped following them after this point because they changed vocalists, but their early stuff is solid and makes me want to be able to write catchy, riffy leads as well as them.

Future of Forestry-I don’t understand the lyrical content on most of their songs, but they are quite impressive and creative musically which makes me want to write after each time I listen to them.

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